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Do YOU Want To Have Fun and Get Proven Results That Will Give YOU a Great Body and TORCH Unwanted Body Fat? 


 ”Activate Fitness rocks! I have been a client since August & have never received results like this before when I worked out at your typical chain-type gym. ” Jessica D.  


You can get results, have fun while doing it, meet awesome friends, and tone your entire body at Activate Fitness! Activate Fitness is the Number ONE Fat Loss Gym In Hackettstown. It’s no wonder that people are quitting their current gyms and driving from over an hour away to train at Activate Fitness. The RESULTS are Unbeatable! And it’s guaranteed 100% or YOUR MONEY BACK! No Questions Asked!


Imagine Getting The BEST Results
of Your Life!! 

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STOP Wasting All of Your Hard Earned Money
on a Gym Membership You DON’T Use
and Start on The Right Path TODAY! 


Dear Friend-

Imagine you felt super strong, totally confident, toned, and in the best shape of your life. Imagine that you rocked that pretty black dress and made ALL of your friends super jealous and totally envious of your body. 

Well, at Activate Fitness YOU can get all of that and more! Just like the men and women who have changed their lives at Activate Fitness with mind blowing results like Jessica above!

How about Judi below? She changed her life through fitness and got results she NEVER thought were possible!


At Activate Fitness, it’s all about RESULTS. You will see rapid changes in your body, your strength, and your confidence in as little as 4 weeks!!  The best part.. you can achieve your dream body in as little as 2 hours a week at Activate Fitness.  In fact, if you come workout with Activate Fitness and fail to reach your goals, I will give you your money BACK.

The best part of it all is the FUN you’ll have while exercising at Activate Fitness. Everyone is super friendly and we all work together to get the results we came for.



-Burn Body Fat Fast
You Can LOSE UP TO 10 Pounds in as LITTLE AS 21 DAYS!!

-Build Lean Muscle While Toning Your Unwanted Body Fat and Torching FLAB!!
Get that figure you’ve been dying for and tighten your entire body! No more sagging butts or flabby arms. 

-Get the benefits of a supportive and family like team of people JUST LIKE YOU!
Because it’s always better to workout with someone on the same page as you. It helps build your confidence and create valuable friendships that may last a lifetime! 

-Train Next to people With The Same Exact Experience As YOU!
Everyone starts at their own pace. This is AWESOME because ANYONE.. YES.. Anyone can do it. In fact, to prove to you that anyone can do it, I will personally walk you through the entire first workout you come to at Activate Fitness and teach you exactly what you need to do to get the best results of your life. 

-Get The Real Deal From A Great and Friendly Fitness Coach!!
You won’t just be thrown to the wolves. We’ll work together to get you on the fast track to results. 

-Learn EXACTLY How To Eat to Destroy FAT!
Zone Diet, Paleo Diet, You Name It Diet, we’ll work together and find out WHAT WORKS for YOU and then I’ll tell you exactly how to eat to melt fat fast! 

-Workout in Less Time
Because life is busy and it only takes 30 or 35 minutes to effectively workout. 
Get in, get out, and get back to the important things in life like your kids and family!

-Have “ME” Time and Crush STRESS!!
Everyone needs time away from their lives. Why not do it at Activate Fitness, socialize a little before we train or after, get your quiet time away from life, work, kids.. and get into shape fast? 
Once you tackle the workouts at Activate Fitness, everything else in life will be a breeze! 


If this sounds like something you need or would love to be a part I urge you to sign up right now and finally get to where it is you want your body to be!! People just like you are enjoying the success that comes from training at Activate Fitness and they’re LOVING IT!! Activate Fitness is Hackettstown’s #1 Fat Loss Gym and to prove it, I’ll give you a free week trial to test the waters! Come in and see why people are quitting those boring gyms in Mansfield and on Main Street and coming to train from Pennsylvania and across Warren and Morris Counties!!

Imagine FINALLY losing those last 10 or 20 pounds and FINALLY FEELING AMAZING! Sign up Right Now to Get In on the FUN!

Dedicated to helping you succeed-

Mike Corona
Activate Fitness
Underground Strength Coach

Take the First Step Right NOW and Email Me at activatefitnesspt@gmail.com to sign up For your Free 1 Week Trial


It’s no Joke when we say Activate Fitness is the BEST GYM in Hackettstown as well as the Best Gym For Fat Loss Results in Hackettstown. Check out what these awesome members of Activate Fitness had to say and for more check out the Testimonial Link at the top of this page!

069See What Phil Said:

“I have been a gym goer since being a teen and only recently when a friend suggested joining a group type fitness class have I for the first time felt personally challenged, a sense of belonging to a community of people that all share the same goal, to be stronger, fitter and support one another in achieving this common goal. ACTIVATE FITNESS in Hackettstown NJ is a dynamic training experience for me, no headphones required, just the desire to better yourself. Everytime I workout I feel challenged and improvement, just sorry I wasted my time and money as a number at the local static gym…..never again.”

076Holly Dropped this Comment:

“I tried the solo gym thing and it never worked for me. I would be bored and unmotivated. I joined Activate Fitness in Hackettstown in March and I love it. There is a sense of community, of belonging, support, and challenge that you don’t you get on your own. And while you do work in the group, everyone goes at their own pace. I highly recommend Activate Fitness. It will be one of the best things that you can do for yourself.”

Wendy the Action Taker Had this To Say:

“After doing the $10 month thing for a couple of years and being bored to tears, I answered a Facebook contest from Activate Fitness. I was terrified to go, thinking I couldn’t do it, people would laugh at me. Boy, was I wrong! I was welcomed and encouraged my very first time. I have never felt more comfortable during a workout than I have here. Everyone works towards a common goal, no judging, just encouragement, committment and hard work. The workouts are always different and challenging. You just get better and better with each workout. We all celebrate our accomplishments. We are friends. I highly recommend group fitness training. You won’t regret it.”

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Activate Fitness is located at:

150 Mountain Avenue in Hackettstown, NJ
(Behind Hot Bagels Abroad and Pumpkin Patch Daycare)