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At Activate Fitness, we're here to help you overcome any struggles you may face in your fitness journey. Whether you are a complete beginner with no experience or someone who has been active for years, our 30 minute workouts cut out the useless and time wasting "fluff" of fitness and we get right to the point. 

Here you will train with people just like you. If you want to have fun, get proven results, and torch body fat then our programs can help! 

No more failing. No more efforts that go unnoticed and bring no results. Imagine getting the best results of your life. 

Our Programs

Youth Fitness Program

Tuesday and Thursday at 4pm
Strength and Conditioning
For Children Ages 12-17

Beginner Fitness Program

Beginner Fitness Classes
Throughout The Week. 
If you have no experience and want to start your fitness journey, this is a great low impact program with high effectiveness. 

Standard Fitness Program

Our regular fitness program for anyone looking to get in shape, feel better, and see great results. No experience necessary. Classes throughout the week. 

Our Promise To You

Mike Corona

As owner and founder of Activate Fitness it has been my mission to help everyone who comes through our doors to the best of our ability. We work hard to keep the initimidation of going to the gym out of our program and back everything we do with my guarentee that you will see results or your money back. We have worked with people who had 100 pounds to lose, people who wanted to do an Ironman triathlaton, and people who just want to feel better. It is our promise that you will enjoy the program and activate your life. 

What The Activate Fitness Family Members
Have To Say: 

"I found a community of people who are in the same boat as me. Sure some people are older and some are younger but everyone is there for the same reason, to feel better, get in shape, lose weight and just be healthier. I also found that personal training aspect of a gym that I had been looking for."

Scott P. 

"Activate Fitness is by far, one of best establishments I've had the good fortune to stumble upon and I'm very grateful for the positive influence it's had on my life."

Jennie D. 

"Activate Fitness has changed my life! It is easy to say but it is true. I have gained strength, confidence, and great friends while losing weight and inches off my body."

Robin R. 

At Activate You Will: 

-Burn Body Fat Fast You Can Lose Up TO 10 Pounds in as little as 21 Days. 

-Build Lean Muscle While Toning Your Unwanted Body Fat and Torching Body Fat. Get that figure you’ve been dying for and tighten your entire body! 

-Get the benefits of a supportive and family like team of people JUST LIKE YOU! Because it’s always better to workout with someone on the same page as you. It helps build your confidence and create valuable friendships that may last a lifetime!

-Train Next to people With The Same Exact Experience As YOU! Everyone starts at their own pace. This is awesome because anyone can do it. In fact, to prove to you that anyone can do it, we will personally walk you through the entire first workout you come to at Activate Fitness and teach you exactly what you need to do to get the best results of your life.

-Get The Real Deal From A Great and Friendly Team of Fitness Coaches. You won’t just be thrown to the wolves. We’ll work together to get you on the fast track to results.

-Learn EXACTLY How To Eat to Destroy Fat. 

Zone Diet, Paleo Diet, You Name It Diet, we’ll work together and find out what works for you and then I’ll tell you exactly how to eat to melt fat fast!

-Workout in Less Time Because life is busy and it only takes 30 or 35 minutes to effectively workout. Get in, get out, and get back to the important things in life like your kids and family!

-Have “ME” Time and Crush STRESS!! Everyone needs time away from their lives. Why not do it at Activate Fitness, socialize a little before we train or after, get your quiet time away from life, work, kids.. and get into shape fast? 

Ready to Talk to Us?

We’re looking forward to meeting you and discussing the options available to help you in your fitness journey. Your consultation will be confidential and short, about 15 minutes.  Coach Mike is ready to create a plan to help you succeed in your fitness journey. Please click the button below to schedule your consultation.